Abnormal wood collection


We are very grateful to all of our friends, colleagues and residents of the city, who help us to replenish our Abnormal Wood Collection.

1. We are grateful to Alan Curtis and Don Lown from Oregon, USA for a lot of specimens of wood, bark, cones and herbarium they donated to us. Every year we receive samples from them for replenishment of our Collection, the first samples were given to us in 2012.

2. Our colleague Timonov Aleksandr Stepanovich, Russia sent us a piece of Pinus sylvestris stem with strangulation.
3. Interesting specimens of bird`s eye maple and Olive spp. we received from Ihor Bilous from Toronto, Canada.
4. Gary Green, USA found and gave us a wonderful sample of wood Betula alleghaniensis with bark and material for herbarium.
Betula alleghaniensis
5. Our first specimens of Betula platiphylla and Betula ermanii wood from Sakhalin we received from Anna Kopanina, Russia

6. Allan Schwindt, USA sent us specimens of Dalbergia latifolia, Umbellularia californic etc. wood with abnormal structure.
7. Sergio Mapelli, Italy replenished our funds with samples of wood from families: Cupressaceae, Ericaceae, Juglandaceae, Vitáceae etc.

8. Our first specimens of woody lianas we received from armen Marcati, Brazil

9. Tagintseva Tatiana resident of Petrozavodsk city gave us a very interesting sample of wood fork of Malus domestica.
10. The municipality of Petrozavodsk transferred to our Collection several cross-cutting of tree species growing in the city (Crataegus spp., Pinaceae spp., Betulaceae spp.)

Abnormal wood collection
Last modified: February 7, 2018