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Татаринов Ф.А., Молчанов А.Г., Курбатова Ю.А.
Роль погодных и эдафических условий в формировании дыхания стволов деревьев в еловых лесах на юго–западе Валдайской возвышенности
Tatarinov F.A., Molchanov A.G., Kurbatova J.A. The influence of weather and soil conditions on stem respiration in spruce forest at south-west of Valdai hill // Strucrural and Functional Deviations from Normal Growth and Development of Plants Under the Influense of Environmental Factors: Material of International Conference. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2011. Pp. 346-351
The study summarizes field data about tree stem respiration in two spruce stands differing by water supply conditions in Central-Russian southern taiga. Mean daily respiration in mid summer was for dominant and subdominant trees was 3 to 7 and about 1–2 µmol•m-2s-1, respectively. No expressed difference was observed between the respiration per unit stem surface of trees of similar position in the canopy in different experimental stands. However, the stem respiration per unit stem volume was generally lower in the stand with more favorable conditions (the dryer one). Under drought of 2010 year in the dry stand respiration considerably decreased compared to favorable weather conditions. This decrease was higher for smaller trees. In the boggy stand no decrease of respiration in 2010 observed. Q10 values in both stands reached about 2,1–2,5 under favorable weather and 1,3–1,6 under drought.

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