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Ахмерова Д.Р., Боровичев Е.А., Кожин М.Н., Разумовская А.В., Петрова О.В.
Репрезентативность гербарных коллекций в отношении охраняемых видов сосудистых растений Ловозерских гор (Мурманская область)
Akhmerova D.R., Borovichev E.A., Kozhin M.N., Razumovskaya A.V., Petrova O.V. Representativeness of herbarium collections in relation to protected species of vascular plants of the Lovozero Mountains (Murmansk Region) // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 1. Biogeography. 2024. P. 124–136
Keywords: herbarium collections; protected species of vascular plants; geographic information technology; protected areas; the Red Data Book; the Lovozero Mountains
The Lovozero Mountains are one of the largest mountain ranges in the Murmansk Region, characterized by a high level of botanical diversity as well as sozological significance. Based on the specimens of herbarium of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute (KPABG), collected in the Lovozero Mountains, 32 out of 37 protected species recorded in literature were identified. The whole information from the herbarium labels was digitalized, geo-referencing was performed according to a standardized protocol. The article shows that herbarium collections are distributed fairly evenly in the Lovozero Mountains, in contrast to the Khibiny Mountains. Regarding protected areas, the most representative herbarium specimens are from the Seydyavvr Nature Reserve, as well as from the area of the botanical natural monument 'Arnica Plants and Poppies in the Indichjok Gorge'. A considerable proportion of protected species habitats is located outside the existing protected areas, which confirms the necessity to reorganize the Seydyavvr State Nature Reserve into the Seydyavvr Nature Parkand increase its area. A high concentration of protected species, confirmed by herbarium specimens, is associated with the north-western part of the mountain range on Karnasurt Mountain near the Lovozersky Mining and Processing Plant. The spatial analysis revealed the necessity of special botanical research of the protected areas in the Lovozero Mountains, as well as a detailed study of the previous records, especially in the areas of active economic and recreational activities.
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