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Л.В. Ветчинникова, А.Ф. Титов.
Карельская береза: некоторые итоги и перспективы исследований
L.V. Vetchinnikova, A.F. Titov. Curly birch: some research takeaways and prospects // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 7. Experimental biology. 2022. P. 100–110
Keywords: Betula pendula Roth var. carelica Mercklin; curly birch; research take aways and prospects
The article describes the most important and interesting curly birch research results obtained by staff of the Forest Research Institute KarRC RAS over the institute’s more than half-century history. Quantitative indicators of the dynamics of major publications (monographs, articles in Russian and foreign journals, articles in collected volumes, textbooks) and of intellectual property (patents, know-how, databases) produced by scientists working at the Institute are reported. Their analysis shows that interest in this unique member of the forest flora is great and unfailing, as evidenced by the growing number of recent publications. We emphasize that long-term studies in the field and in the laboratory have produced extensive scientific material, substantially enriching our knowledge of the traits and properties of curly birch, its distinctive features. We indicate the research areas of applied as well as theoretical nature where one can potentially expect to obtain the most interesting results providing a deeper insight into the biological nature of curly birch and which, as the authors believe, will very soon help discover adequate approaches to preservation of the plant’s gene pool and to its extended reproduction in the long run.
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