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LateglacialInterglacial transition: glaciotectonic, seismoactivity, catastrophic hydrographic and landscape changes: INQUA Peribaltic Working Group Meeting and Excursion 2018 International Scientific Conference and School for Young Scientists, 19-25 August 2018
edited by: Subetto D.A., Shelekhova T.S., Slukovskii Z.I., Druzhinina O.A. [et al.].
Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, 2018. 134 p.

Articles and abstracts in proceedings:

The Lopian (3.2-2.5 Ga)4
The Sumian (2.52.4 Ga)5
The Sariolian (2.42.3 Ga)6
The Jatulian (2.32.1 Ga)6
The Ludicovian (2.101.92 Ga)7
The Kalevian (1.921.80 Ga)8
The Vepsian (1.801.65 Ga)8
Geomorphology and Neotectonics12
1st excurtion day. August 2115
Shvarev S.V. Traces of Postglacial Seismic Activity in the Bedrock and Unconsolidated Sediments on the South-Western of Lake Onega15
Pogosyan L.A., Gerasimova M.I. Trip to Ladva-Paj19
2nt excurtion day. August 2224
Shelekhova T.S., Svetov S.A., Medvedev P.V. Trip to Girvas24
Pogosyan L.A., Gerasimova M.I. Kivach Natural Reserve38
3rd excurtion day. August 23-2443
Subetto D.A. History of Lake Ladoga and its Connection With the Baltic Sea43
Added excurtion day. August 2551
Trip to Kizhy (The description is based on the Guide to WRB field trip on soil classification, 2004)51
Borodulina G., Tokarev I., Krainiukova I., Levichev M. Isotope composition of groundwater in Karelia63
Korsakova O., Lavrova N. Neopleistocene stratigraphy in the Kola-Karelian region (N-W Russia): key-sites79
Kublitskiy Y., Subetto D., Vlasov B., Novik A., Leontev P., Grekov I., Syrykh L., Sokolova N., Brylkin V. The reconstruction of the environmental development on southern periphery of the Valdai (Poozerie) glaciation in the late glacial and holocene82
Rodionov A.I., Nikolaeva S.B., Ryazantsev P.A. Searching for seismic dislocations in lakes sediments with ground penetrating radar95
Ryazantsev P., Rodionov A. Application of ground penetrating radar to study of bottom-sediment structure in lakes97
Rybakov D.S. May dust be able to protect against global warming?98
Rybalko A., Tokarev ., Aleshin M., Subetto D., Belyaev P. New data on the structure of quaternary sediments and modern geodynamic movements in lake Ladoga101
Shelekhova .S., Lavrova N.B. Postglacial paleoseismodislocation on mount Vottovaara105
Slukovskii Z.I. Available forms of heavy metals in bottom sediments of the small lakes of urban and non-urban areas, Repablic of Karelia108
Strakhovenko V., Subetto D., Tiit H., Ovdina E., Gurbich V., Kirichenko I., Potakhin M. Accumulation and distribution of rare earth elements in late pleistocene bottom sediments of ice Onega lake (data from the small lake Polevskoye)114
Subetto D., Hang T., Gurbich V., Strakhovenko V., Potakhin M., Belkina N. Varved clays and a clay-varve chronology of the periglacial lake Onego, NW Russia116
Svetov S., Svetova E. The trace elements chemistry of the "marcial waters" springs, Central Karelia117
Syrykh L., Subetto D.A. Development of the palaeolimnologacal database palaeolake121
Zobkov M., Subetto D., Potakhin M. The watershed reconstruction of the Onego paleolake with GIS126
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