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Разнообразие почв и биоразнообразие в лесных экосистемах средней тайги
Отв. ред. Н.Г. Федорец.
М.: Наука, 2006. 287 с.
Soil diversity and biodiversity in the middle-taiga ecosystems. / Ed. by N.G. Fedorets. Moscow: Nauka, 2006. 287 p.
This monograph has become a result of multi-year complex research in the structure of the forest biogeocenoses, which make up ecological series in humidification and trophicity. Qualitative and functional features of individual components of the forest ecosystems in the middle-taiga sub-zone are displayed of soils, soil cover, vegetation, microbio- and zoocenoses. Ecological and evolutional relationships among the features of soils, floristic composition, quantity and species diversity of soil microorganisms and entomofauna have been recorded. The monograph is the first ever paper to demonstrate the component composition of the forest biogeocenoses, which formed on the bedrock of various minearological composition. A concept of sustainable heterogeneity of soil features and soil cover as a basis for conservation of forest ecosystems biodiversity has been formulated. The monograph possesses of theoretical and practical value. The obtained results can be used for programming sustainable forest management, protection of rare soils, flora and fauna.
The paper is intended for biology-oriented experts, teachers, students, and post-graduate students.
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