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T.Yu. Repkina, N.E. Zaretskaya, D.A. Subetto, M.S. Potakhin, M.Ch. Qungaa, A.V. Novikova, P.A. Leontev. Coastal morpho- dynamics of the North-Western Onezhsky peninsula, White sea in the holocene. Konyukhov bay3
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L.L. Kapustina, O.A. Pavlova, N.V. Rodionova. Plankton communities in two fjords of West Spitsbergen51
A.E. Yakimova. The results of monitoring of small mammals in Central Karelia67
Short communications81
A.N. Gromtsev, M.S. Levina, Yu.V. Presnuhin. Protected areas in North European countries and russian regions: state-of-the art and comparative assessment81
A.V. Leostrin, A.A. Efimova. Additions to the Flora by P. F. Maevsky (2014) for the Kostroma region89
A.I. Maksimov, T.A. Maksimova. Additions to the moss flora of Petrozavodsk97
A.M. Kryshen, O.O. Predtechenskaya. Pan-Russian scientific conference with international
involvement "Boreal Forests: Current State, Dynamics, Ecosystem Services" (Petrozavodsk,
September 1115, 2017)
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