Rudkovskaya, Oksana Projects

  • The consequences of anthropogenic transformation of biotic components in boreal landscapes under different nature use scenarios in Northwest Russia
    (2013-2016 , Gromtsev, Andrey N., , 154, , 0220-2014-0007)
  • Investigation of regularities in the anthropogenic change of the bioresource potential, biodiversity and operation of biogeographic corridors in the northwest of the Russian boreal zone
    (2010-2012 , Gromtsev, Andrey N., , 145)
  • Identification of trends in anthropogenic dynamics and development of methods for regulating biodiversity in the taiga region based on the landscape approach
    (2007-2009 , Gromtsev, Andrey N., , 139)
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    Last modified: July 18, 2023