RS/GIS applications in Forest Research Institute

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In 1991 development of GIS for forest monitoring near the Kostomuksha ore-dressing mill has begun. Hardware - IBM PC 8086, software is "self-made". First image of Russian satellite scanner MSU-E (size 3Mb) occupied large part of the hard disk

Now we use GIS-packages ArcView, Idrisi, MapInfo and Landsat 7, Spot and IRS images as the main source of both spatial and qualitative information of landuse GIS

Our main topics

We cooperate with Forestry Department of Petrozavodsk University, Karelian an Saint-Petersburg forest inventory organizations. We are greateful to The Woods Hole Research Center for intellectual and financial support.

Forest Research Institute is ready for cooperation in the fields of ecology, protected lands, natural resources and education with any organisations and persons. E-mail you can send for Peter Litinsky

Created May 3, 2001

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