Inventory and monitoring of most vulnerable forests

Low mountain forests near Paanajarvi National Park

Photo by A,Gromtsev

In some parts of Karelia forest exist in very severe climatic and soil conditions. There are: low mountains on North-West (#1 on map below); White Sea Plain, including rocky (3) and paludificated (4 and 5) parts; rocky North coast of Ladoga Lake (6) and paludificated plains in other parts (2).

Forest here are the most vulnerable - i.e. have weak abilities for natural regeneration after cuttings, especially clear ones. In some cases its more sensitive to air pollution and other antrophogenic impacts.

Four of five large massifs of primeval forest are the most vulnerable in the same time.

Forests in extremal climatic conditions has very high protected functions.

Nevertheless, cuttings in these forests are continuing...

In 2001 Forest Research Instituie prepared detaled report about mapping, structure, regeneration features, biodiversity in the vulnerable forests and proposed measures for its protection. It was the first investigation of this kind in European Russia.

Russian version of the report is here (zip, 400K). For further nformation pleas contact to Andrey Gromtsev - author of the report and deputy director of Forest Reserach Institute.