Николаева Н.Н., Лери М.М, Веселкова Л.Л.
Морфометрия вегетативных почек березы: брахибласты
// Структурные и функциональные отклонения от нормального роста и развития растений под воздействием факторов среды: Материалы Международной конференции. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2011. C. 209-215
A woody plant vegetative bud carries in itself all the elements of a future shoot in a different
maturation degree. The number of base units and their developmental character are determined by species features and by a set of environmental factors to some extend. We show that in contrast to silver birch a curly birch short-shoot buds have 1) a tendency to bud sizes growth in acropetal direction is indicated the most clear, 2) a significant increase in the size of spring buds in comparison to autumn ones, 3) higher capacity of spring buds, 4) more than 23 % of buds have 3 pairs of stipules, 5) embryonic leaves are more developed in length. Apparently, those buds characteristics of curly birch along with it's higher concentrations of sucrose and lipids in phloem, specifics of vascular tissue structure and also peculiarities of assimilation apparatus composition can be considered as factors providing conditions for the formation of bigger buds with more preformed structures in curly birch plants than in silver birch plants and significantly helping short-shoots to burst more (both in number and in area) assimilating leaves and do it faster.

Морфометрия вегетативных почек березы: брахибласты (873 Kb, скачиваний: 319)

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